Crocs Smashing through the Negative Preconceptions

Published: 10th March 2010
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If you haven't heard of Crocs shoes we can only assume that you have been living the life of a hermit for the last couple of years because these brightly coloured shoes have had people talking and debating all over the planet. The world was very firmly split into 2 camps upon the initial release of Crocs, they were fashion Marmite, and people either loved or hated them! The people who loved them extolling the benefits of comfort and good circulation, the people who hated them baulking at the acid bright colours and funky shape.

Then the tide started to change, people in professions which required extended periods of time on their feet began to wear Crocs shoes because of their unmatched comfort. It then seemed that Crocs had cracked some of the stigma only to be shot down again. It was claimed that Crocs where creating too much static electricity and that this was affecting the equipment in hospitals and that they were unsafe in food preparation areas because of the holes. Not ones to be put off they created the anti static work shoe and a specialised reinforced bistro shoe.

With people begining to take them seriously they |developed|created] even more styles and broadened their appeal further. For the female market they focused on making the Crocs shoes delicate and giving them a softer appearance, they have even launched high heels and faux suede in their Lydia shoe ideal for a sophisticated evening out!

And for men who prefer an intrepid appearance to their footwear they created the Ambler boot that has a faux suede appearance and comes in a range of practical and masculine colours. They have also created even more hardwearing shoes like the all terrain shoes which have a leather upper enclosing and protecting the shoes and giving them a stylish appearance.

So as you can see Crocs developed their style and included shoes that had a wider appeal to the market and this definitely paid off with so many people choosing these comfy plastic shoes as part of their daily style.

Choose crocs footware and crocs shoes - snap up a pair in the crocs sale today, your feet will thank you for it.

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